How to Activate or Setup IPhone Without SIM Card

Sometimes users wish to use their phones on wi-fi devices. They want to allow their children to use the iPhone on a wi-fi network. This article explains the different methods to activate your iPhone without sim card.

How to Activate or Setup IPhone Without SIM Card

Setup iPhone Without SIM Card

When you set up your iPhone then your phone will require the sim card. Unfortunately, you cannot bypass this step. You might watch many youtube videos and read how-to articles to bypass the sim required step. But none of them worked for you. Therefore, our idea is for you to use a sim to activate your iPhone after the activation done you can remove the sim card and use your mobile on wi-fi devices.

Activate or Setup iPhone Without SIM Card

No need to buy sim card to activate your iPhone. You can borrow the Simcard from your friend or family member to activate your phone. And give it back to your friends after the activation process will be completed. You can also buy a prepaid sim card which is only used to activate iPhone.

Note: no need to sign any kind of contract or signing up for any cellular plan. These sims are only for the activation process.

If you get the sim card then follow the steps below to activate your iPhone.


First of all, press the power button of your phone until Apple logo will appear on your phone screen.

Then hello screen will appear on your phone, then swipe from left to right on your screen to start setting up.

Then choose your language and country on the next screens.

Then choose wi-fi network and then sign in to your wi-fi network.

Afterward, you will see the sim required screen on your phone.

Then insert the sim on your phone by opening and inserting the sim on sim tray.

Then touch on try again link after inserting the sim.

Then you will be asked to enable or disable location services on your phone.

Then you have to set your touch id and password.

Next, you will see different options to set up a new iPhone, restore from iCloud backup and restore from iTunes backup. Touch on the option of your choice.

Then you will be asked to agree with terms and conditions, you just have to touch on agree button. Wait until the activation process of your phone completed.

After the activation process is done, hello screen will appear again on your screen. Then swipe the screen from left to right and go to the lock screen of your phone.

Now, you have completed the setup of activation successfully. Remove the sim card and use your iPhone on wi-fi network.

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