How to Enable Spell Checker on Android Phone

If you are an android user and then you may not aware of android phone built-in spell checker feature. This spell checker feature is in addition to autocorrect feature. You can enable this  feature by following the steps below.

How to Enable Spell Checker on Android Phone

1. Enable Spell Checker on Android Phone

This feature allows you to check spellings on your android phone or tablet. Additionally, you don’t have any need to use the auto-correct feature with this feature. The difference in both the features are, autocorrect can correct word grossly and make changes the improper word into proper word automatically. On the other hand, spell checker only shows you a list of the suggested word instead of correcting your word. You can pick the word of your choice and enhance the quality of your writing.

2. Enable Spell Checker On Android Phone

The spell checker is available in every android phone but due to different manufacturers, this feature is located in different places with a different name. it is known as spelling checker in Samsung devices while on stock android phones it is known as a spell checker. If you want to enable this feature then follow the steps below.


Go to settings from your android phone/tablet and then tap on it.

Then scroll down to language and input option and then tap on it.

Next, tap on the keyboard that is located under a section named as keyboards and input methods.

Keyboard screen will appear on your computer screen, tap on auto check spelling if you are Samsung user otherwise tap on ‘spell checker’.

Then toggle on for spell checking option.

Then you will successfully see a list of suggested word.

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