How to Switch or Change WiFi Network On Chromecast

If you want to switch or change the google Chromecast then you have to check the steps to change wi-fi. You can also change your router or you can move your Chromecast to another part of the house where you have installed a new wi-fi router setup. You can use all of the above ways to switch your Chromecast because Chromecast only remembers one wi-fi network.

How to Switch or Change WiFi Network On Chromecast

Change WiFi Network on Chromecast

This will be very easy for you to switch or change wi-fi network on your Chromecast if you already have installed the setup to which the Chromecast is connected. If your google home app and router is unable to recognize you then you have to reset chrome cast and setup it again.

Switch Chromecast to Another WiFi Network

If your surviving setup is still alive then this will be very easy for you to change wi-fi network on Chromecast.


On the tv and make sure that Chromecast is powered on.

Then open the google home app on your phone.

Then go to the 3-bar menu icon that is placed at the top left corner of the screen.

Then go to devices.

Then the device’s screen will appear and then tap on the 3-dots menu icon.

Then touch on the settings from the drop-down menu.

Next, tap on the wi-fi option.

Then touch on the wi-fi network name.

Then choose the name for your network from the drop-down menu.

Input wi-fi password and touch on OK button.

Note:  wi-fi network on your mobile and network on your Chromecast must be same otherwise you will get an error.

Change Chromecast WiFi Network

If your phone will not be able to find Chromecast then it is the issue of the wi-fi network. Because when you change your modem or router it is possible that new wi-fi network on your phone is unable to match with the Chromecast wi-fi network.

You can overcome this problem by restarting Chromecast. Restarting of Chromecast will eradicate previous wi-fi network and its settings on Chromecast.


Plugged Chromecast to the tv and switch on the power.

Then hold down the reset button for about 15 seconds on your Chromecast.

While pressing the reset button, light on Chromecast flashing continuously, when the light stops flashing release the reset button.

Now your Chromecast set to factory default settings.

Now you can set up your Chromecast on the new wi-fi setting.

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