Free Premium Netflix Accounts & Passwords in 2020 (HOW TO GUIDE)

Everyone knows about Netflix nowadays. However, it is not possible for everyone to get Netflix. In this article, we are talking about how to get Netflix Premium Subscription or in other words how to get free Netflix account.

Netflix Free Generator: Get Free Netflix Premium Accounts

Netflix is launched in 1997 by Reed Hastings. It is considered the most well-known online streaming service in the world. It is available in many countries of the world.

If you love to watch latest movies, games, music, TV shows on internet then Netflix is a best place for you. You will get complete entertainment on Netflix. However, to get this entertainment they offer some subscriptions. By using their monthly Premium subscription you can watch anything on Netflix.


Why People Love Netflix?

  1. You can watch millions of movies and TV shows easily anytime, anywhere.
  2. You can use resuming mode whether you are using a laptop or your new device.
  3. Movies, music, etc. will be automatically displayed according to your recent views.
  4. You can watch HD videos on Netflix. Now, they also offer ultra HD and 4K to watch video on smart TVs.
  5. You can use it on various platforms like tablets, TV, smart devices, etc.
  6. Once you get Premium mode subscription you can easily watch videos, movies and much more.

Why Free Netflix Premium Subscription?

Although Netflix contains premium mode subscription still users love this platform. It is very demanding because of the easy access to TV shows, movies, music, etc.

You just need to have a good internet connection. Netflix apps are available for tablets, laptops, smart TVs, smartphones, etc. However, some people cannot afford Netflix Premium membership. If you are also one of them then you must be here in search of a free Netflix account. Well, today is your lucky day.

First of all, we must tell you that all free Netflix account generators and websites are fake. They will provide you nothing at the end.

The only way to get free Netflix account is the one you get from someone else. By doing so, you will not come under the fraud website and generators. Here we will share some tips and working Netflix accounts for you. You can use these to log in a Netflix account without paying any money.

We will share all the tips and hacks to get free Netflix accounts and passwords. 

Features of Netflix Premium Subscription

  1. Netflix also provides you the opportunity to watch award-winning movies and TV shows. So, if you really like to watch critically acclaimed movies then you must try it.
  2. You can also enjoy International content such as French drama, A Russian Gangwar tale on Netflix along with English shows.
  3. The amazing thing is that you can watch TV shows and movies in other languages. It means you can now enjoy Japanese movies with English subtitle.
  4. If you have Netflix premium account you can set what your children can watch. There is a specific mechanism in Premium Netflix account where you can choose it. It will remove all the unwanted content.

This is not a trick and we will not ask for money. Netflix is trying to get more and more users each day. So, they provide one month free Netflix account subscription in various ways.

We have searched a lot and come to the conclusion that these tricks are the only possible ways to get free Netflix account.

 How to Get Free Netflix Premium Accounts?

  1. You can use various tricks to get free Netflix account. These methods will never demand you to download any application. Moreover, you will not have to provide any personal information. We have provided step by step guide for each method. 
  2. we will keep on updating the list of working methods that will provide you free Netflix account after every 8 hours. 
  3. Important Note: we suggest you not to change your Netflix account details such as email and password. We hope that you can watch movies, TV shows, etc. without any issue. 
  4. We highly recommend that everyone should follow the rules. However, you should keep changing your password frequently.
  5. We track all these Free Netflix accounts through emails. So, if anyone changes these details we will Block your IP address. You must keep this thing in your mind. We hope everyone will follow our guidelines properly.

Using the Free Netflix Accounts for a Month Trick

Do you know Netflix also offer free membership of one month? Yes, if nothing works for you then go for a one-month free trial. Well, we are sure after the one-month free trial you will get so addicted that you will buy real one yourself. 

However, you must know that you need a credit card to get this one-month free trial. In order to get this subscription, you will have to provide your credit card information.

First Step: Visit Netflix official website and tap join free for a month.

2nd Step: you will see three different plans here. Choose one from them. You can try the premium plan. You will not have to pay anything for it.

3rd Step: Confirm it and sign up on Netflix. Don’t worry you will not have to pay for one month.

4th Step: enters the necessary detail (email, password and credit card detail) and you are done.

This is it!!! Now you can enjoy your favorite content on Netflix easily. You should try this trick to get Free Steam Wallet Codes.

Extend the Free Trial

If you are lucky then there is a possibility that you will get some extra free trial. In other words, your one-month free trial can be extended. Although the company claims that they provide only one-month free trial but it can be extended. 

There are two ways to extend the one-month free trial. You will not have to break its terms and services by using these ways.

Wait a month or so between free 30-Day Trials

In the first way, you should wait for a month or two. It is quite possible that Netflix will send you to offer to try another free trial. So, you can enjoy free content.

However, it is a very rare case. If you are lucky then you will get this offer.

So, if you are not in a hurry to get free Netflix account then wait for one or two months after one month of a free trial. Maybe you get this amazing chance.

Call and Ask

If you are good at talking then you must take advantage of it now. Before the expiration of the one-month free trial, you will have to call Netflix customer call service (866) 579-7172.

On the call, you can tell them that you were busy in your exams, was on a business trip or such other activity and not able to enjoy the one month free trial of Netflix. Also, check the latest news about Free Amazon Gift Card Codes.

If you succeed in convincing them they may give you an extra free trial. So, it is a good and easy way to get a free trial.

Free Netflix Accounts using Chrome Extension

The trick we are going to tell you is interesting and you must have some knowledge to use it.

First Step first of all, go to the chrome browser.

2nd Step search EditThisCookie on the chrome store.

3rd Step install this extension and open Netflix.

4th Step click on EditThisCookie and tap Import. Copy and paste the code and tap the button. 

Using Flikover Group Buy

You can purchase Netflix monthly subscription for $2 each month rather than $7.99. It is possible if you buy a free Netflix account from flikover.

It is an online platform which provides SEO tools to bloggers. It also provides Netflix premium subscription. However, the prices are very low. Check out our latest article about Free PSN Codes.

You must keep in mind that you cannot share your account with others. Flikover keeps the track of your IP address and will block your account if you do not follow the rules.

Final Words

This is all the necessary information to get a free Netflix account. By using it, you can get a free Netflix account without even paying a penny. You can enjoy your favorite and latest TV shows and movies for free.

We do not guarantee that this username and passwords will work in the future. Some people change these details. So we are not sure that these will work in the future or not.

Editor’s NOTE: if the given username and password do not work for you then you can contact us. You can comment about it or you can also send us an email. We will try to fix your issue as soon as possible. So, without wasting your time any further go and enjoy live streaming on your free Netflix account premium subscription. You can choose one method from various methods available to get free Netflix account.

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