How to Turn Your SmartPhone into Universal Remote Control

If you are tired of using remotes for your devices then you can turn your smartphone into the universal remote control. There are many devices used in the house and all of them have remotes. If you want to get rid of this problem. This article will help you. This article also discusses If you misplaced or lost a remote of your tv or  any other device.

How to Turn Your SmartPhone into Universal Remote Control

Turn Samsung Smartphone Universal Remote Control

You can turn your smartphone into remote control if you have a Samsung phone. Samsung has a feature of ‘Samsung watchon app’ to turn your smartphone into the remote control. The steps below will guide you to use Samsung watchon app.


Go to play store and install the Samsung watchon app on your phone.

Then you have to input information about your country, tv service provider and zip code.

Sign up for the Samsung account and then sign in.

Choose your tv brand.

Now, the app will start pairing with your tv with many different codes. You just have to click on the power button in the application to check which code is working for your tv. Then app asked to confirm code for your tv.

You can also add many other devices, e.g., Blu-Ray, DVD player, set-top boxes, streaming media player, AV receiver and air conditioner.

Turn Any Android Phone into Universal Remote Control

There are many other apps which used to turn your phone into a universal remote control.

1. Remote Control for TV app:  This app will let your phones to control all popular TV’ S. you can use this app by following steps below.


Go to play store and install the application.

Open the app and then the app will search for tv’s with the help of your internet network. (it is necessary that your tv and smartphone connected with the same internet connection).

Now click on the tv you want to use.

2. Android TV Remote:

This app can turn any android phone into a universal smartphone for google tv box and this app also offers to perform a voice search.

3. Smart IR Remote:

This app is used by over 800,000 devices including tv’s, blu-ray players and DSLR cameras. If this app is not working for your tv then you have to ask it to the developers to add them. This app is working on infra-red commands. This app also supports air gestures. You can also change the channels by swiping your hand over your phone. But you have to pay $7.99 if you want to use this app.

Turn the iPhone and iPad into Universal Remote Control

1. Next Guide Remote by Dijit:

This is another app that lets your iPhone, iPad, and iPad to control tv, DVD players, Xbox and many other devices. However, the drawback of this app is, it requires an accessory device to turn your phone on to remote control called Beacon which is $80.

2. iRule:

This app allows your phone to control TVs and many other devices with the help of wi-fi connection. This app also works with security cameras.

3. Zmart:

This app also controls many devices, and this app costs you $20 for an additional accessory. This app works for 200,000 devices.

Turn Windows Phone into Universal Remote Control

Windows phone users have limited options to turn their phones into remote controls because they have very limited apps which offer this facility.

1. Xbox One & Xbox 360 SmartGlass:

This app lets you control Xbox one and Xbox 360 smart glass only, this glass cannot work for other devices.

2. Unofficial Samsung Remote:

This app allows to control a smart Samsung tv only, but this app cost you $0.99 for this service.

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