How to Fix “User Profile Cannot be Loaded” Error in Windows 10

Sometimes windows 10 throws user profile cannot be loaded error. Users get frustrated when they are unable to login to a new user account because of this error. This article helps you to get rid of this error.

User Profile Cannot Be Loaded Error in Windows 10

This error occurs when the user upgraded their computer to Windows 10. They were previously using an earlier version of windows. They want to create a new local user account. They create this account by using ‘Add a user without a Microsoft account’.

Usually, users create a new local user account without any error. But sometimes they have to face some difficulties. You will get the message ‘the user profile service failed the login. The user profile cannot be login’.

How to Fix “User Profile Cannot be Loaded” Error in Windows 10

Reasons for User Profile Cannot Be Loaded Error

There are two major reasons for the occurrence of this error. If you wish to know read the article below.

  1. It is quite possible that default profile on your computer may be corrupted when you upgrade your windows to windows 10 from earlier versions. When windows 10 is creating a new user profile by using files from the default profile, this error occurs.
  2. When you are trying to login to the account while antivirus scanning your PC then Microsoft user profile can be corrupted.

Fix User Profile Cannot Be Loaded Error in Windows 10

There are multiple methods to fix this error and you can use any of them.

  1. By getting into registry files you can fix corrupted user profile.
  2. You can get a new account by replacing the corrupt default user profiles with good ones.
  3. Create an account after disconnecting your computer from the internet.

1. Fix Corrupt User Profile by Correcting Registry Values

This method is recommended for advanced users who can work with registry files. This method works by getting registry files relevant to the corrupted user profile. And it can use to correct the registry values in ‘RefCount’ and ‘State’ REG_DWORD files. This method only works when an error occurs due to the incorrect registry values.

Replace Corrupt Default User Profile with a Good One

In this method, windows will create a new user profile by using a corrupted profile, windows will replace the corrupted file with good ones. Or you can copy the files of the default user profile from another machine which is running fine and use these files to replace the corrupted files. One important thing is you must copy files from the same version of the operating system version.


Sign in to admin account.


Then go to  C drive and then click on the user’s folder.

Before moving further, make hidden files visible by using view option from the top menu bar.

Then right-click on the default folder.

Then rename your folder from default folder to Default.old.

Never delete your older default browser to backup the data in case if new default browser will not work.

Then create new subfolders in the new default browser with the same name as they were in the default.old folder. For instance, you can create folders with names documents, desktop, downloads and etc.



You duplicate the data as it existed in the default. old folder.

Then copy NTUSER.DAT file from working admin account and then paste it on the default folder.

Now you can easily create a new account after following these steps.

3. Create a New Local User Account

This article discusses the problem of getting the default user profile is corrupted, but it is also possible that you get user profile can not be loaded when your default user profile works fine. However, we don’t know the reason behind it although you can resolve this problem by disconnecting your computer from the internet and create a new local user account.

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