How to Fix Corrupt User Profile In Windows 10

It is frustrating for users when they want to login to their user profiles but due to corrupted files, they failed. This article will help you to fix this issue.

Corrupt User Profile in Windows 10

Sometimes this issue occurs due to antivirus because antivirus is busy in scanning pc and you try to login to user profile at the same time. This is only one reason, this issue can occur due to many other reasons.

When user profile corrupted you can not log in to your user account. You have to use another user account or you have to boot your computer in a safe mood if you want to login. Follow the steps below.

  1. You can resolve this issue by using the registry editor.
  2. You can create new user and transfer your files from old to new user account.

How to Fix Corrupt User Profile In Windows 10

1. Use Registry Editor to Fix Corrupt User Profile in Windows 10

Follow the steps below to resolve the corrupted user profile error in windows 10.


Firstly, go to start button and then right-click on it and then choose to run.

Then run command window will appear on your screen, type Regedit and click on OK.

Then registry editor screen will show to you, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList.

Then look for profile folder and then extend it, you will see folders starting with S-1-5. Each folder contains information about the user profile.

Now, the important thing is to identify the folder with corrupted user profiles. You have to click on each folder which starts with S-1-5 and take a look at the data column for ProfileImagePath entry. In the above image, the username is invisible in the data column for profile image path entry.

If you find the folder with corrupted user profile then double click on the state field in the right pane. Then edit DWORD window will launch.

Then change the value data from 1 to0 and then click on the OK button.

Then double click on Refcount entry and change the value data from 1 to 0.

If you fail to find DWORD window then right-click on the empty space anywhere in the right pane > new > DWORD (32 bit) and then type RefCount as the name for this new DWORD.


Now, close the registry editor and restart your computer.

2. Create A New  User Account

This is another method to resolve this issue. You have to create a new user account and transfer files from old to the new user account. If you have another user account which is not blocked then you can create a new account by using this account. But if your admin account is blocked then follow the steps below to access the hidden admin account.

2.1 Access Hidden Admin Account

  1. Start your computer in a safe mood.
  2. Then right-click on the start button and then select command prompt.
  3. Then type net user administrator/active: yes and then press enter key.
  4. Then you will see ‘the command completed successfully’ message.
  5. Then reboot your computer and you can log in to the secret admin account that you just activated.

2.2. Create a New User Account

When you restart your computer then you will see both accounts, new admin account, and corrupted user account. Then sign in to the admin account and then follow the steps below to create a new user profile.

  1. Click on the settings > accounts > family & other users > add someone else to this PC.
  2. Then follow the instructions to create a new user account.
  3. Name of the new user account must be different from the corrupted user account.

2.3. Transfer Files From Old to New User Account

This is the last step to transfer your necessary files from old to the new user account.

  1. Firstly, go to the user’s folder located at C drive.
    Here, you will see sub-folders for user accounts on your computer and corrupted user profile.
  2. Then open corrupted user profile folder and copy essential data such as contacts, downloads, and other important files.

Note: do not copy the whole user folder because it contains files related to the corrupted user profile.

  • Ntuser.dat
  • Ntuser.dat.log
  • Ntuser.ini

3. Then open the new user account folder and paste all your essential files into the new user folder.

4. Next, sign in to your new user account and you will see all the files in this folder from your corrupted user account.
5. New user account will not the same as your old user account. You have to change the desktop background, create programs/ folders e.t.c.

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